Te Reo Class Information


There are two classes offered at different levels of learning, the third (advanced) class is closed to former Tūī students.


Our Beginners Class (Takahē), Working in WorkBook 1

Suits those with little or no knowledge of the language and concentrates on pronunciation, direction of speech, basic sentence structures, and some whakapapa.


Our Intermediate Class (Ruru), Working in Workbook 3

Suits those with a good knowledge of Te Reo Māori, it will be made up of past students from Ruru and Takahē,  to join this class you will need to have a good knowledge of:

personal pronouns

koe, kōroa, koutou, āhau, māua, mātou, ia, rāua, ratou


possesive pronouns,

tōku, tōu, tāku, taku, tāu, ōu āu, āku, ōku, tōna, tāna, ōna,āna


using terms of address

e hoa, whaea, e kare, e tama matua etc...


As well as,


A good knowledge of the A and O catagories

greeting people

asking and saying how you/someone is

where you/someone is from

where you/someone living now

saying your pepeha

numbers up to 20

saying goodbye

what you/someone is doing

where you/someone is going

what you/someone is going there to do

saying Yes and No

saying where someone or something is

asking and saying how old you/someone is

gathering information about whakapapa


Our Advanced Class (Tūī) Working in Workbook 9

Are mainly made up of past students from the last 5 years, who have worked through Workbook 1 to Workbook 9 (currently on workbook 9), learning more sentece structures and combining them with others, to make longer sentences, the classes begin and end with himene/waiata and karakia and terms 2 and 4 usually conclude with a hakari (feast). This Class is closed to former Tūī students only, unless special consideration has been given by the kaiako matua .




1. Fill in the Online Form(easiest way) click link below:

                       Form: Link


2. Contact Class Organisor, Starr Reti by:

                      E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


3. Visit the Morrinsville Baptist Church: Leave your details with the receptionist.

                       Address: 56 Moorhouse Street




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