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Ezekiel kindy BW scripture address updated

8 August 2017

Dear Parents / Caregivers,


Term 3     Monday 24 July  -  Friday 29 September  (10 weeks)

Term 4     Monday 16 October  -  Friday 8 December  (8 weeks)



This term:  This term we will be provoking the children’s learning around the fact that God created each one of us unique and special. As part of this we have already created the self-portrait display which the children called, “The Kindy Family.” This was great evidence for us that the children have a strong sense of belonging at kindy and that they see us as a family.  To extend this further we would like to invite you to help us celebrate our uniqueness by sharing something from your culture. This may be food, clothing, an item of significance or a game etc. Please discuss this with a staff member.

Community of Learning: I have been attending the Morrinsville Early Childhood Learning network meetings. Representatives from this early childhood network group will share in the Community of Learning: Kaahui Ako (CoL) which you may have heard about from the local schools. This is a Ministry of Education initiative designed to better meet the needs of children and influence positive education outcomes across all sectors.

Behaviour Danger: In a recent Education Gazette there was information about having conversations with your children about keeping themselves safe.  These conversations should be around ‘behaviour danger’ rather than ‘stranger danger,’ which is a shift in current thinking as most situations of abuse involve someone the child knows rather than a stranger.  

 “Behaviour danger refers to suspicious behaviour that could make kids feel unfamiliar, uncomfortable, unsafe or scared. Some examples of behaviour danger are unwanted approaches, inappropriate touch that could make kids feel uncomfortable, unwanted stares and random requests on social media for photos or personal information.”  

Session Photos: Later this term we will be taking group photos of each session and these will be available for you to order if you wish.

Fees:  These are $3.00 per hour for those children not receiving ‘20 hours ECE’ and there are 10 weeks in this term.  There is a discount available for those doing full day sessions who use all their ‘20 ECE’ hours with us.   Please collect your invoice from beside the sign-in book as it becomes available.  If you would like to pay your fees via the internet please see me.  Thank you to those people who have already paid their fees.

Profiles:  New learning stories were again added to your child’s profile last term so please remember to have a look at these.  Feel free to write your own comments in the folder as well.

Kind regards,



An outreach of Morrinsville Baptist Church aiming to assist and strengthen our local community.

Ezekiel means ‘God strengthens’.

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