Food Bank


Our office will be closed from 22nd December 2017

We will open again on Tuesday 9th January between 10am and 2pm and then again oFriday 12 January between 9am and 1pm.

From 15th January we will be back to normal hours and days.

The Food Bank is run in conjunction with our Budget Service and is primarily to help budget clients by providing food so the grocery money can be used to pay unexpected expenses. Clients have to commit to regular visits. We also provide ‘one off’ emergency food parcels.

Location:   Our office is located at the Morrinsville Baptist Church 56 Moorhouse Street, Morrinsville.

Contact:    Phone:   07 889 7451 (An answer phone operates outside office hours)

                  Mobile:   021 0827 7890

About us:

  • Began in 1989.
  • Food is donated by local churches.
  • Contributions and financial donations come from Community Service clubs/groups and individuals.
  • We have a collection bin at Morrinsville Countdown Supermarket.
  • Farmers donate meat for our large freezer.
  • We welcome monetary donations as they help us buy perishable goods and other items as they are needed.

Our Aims:

  • To provide budget clients with food parcels if unexpected expenses arise
  • To provide a collection point for donated food and money.
  • To provide emergency food parcels.